Dog   Tales


We think of  "Lottie's" life as untimely brief;
But this existence of ours, is as transient as autumn clouds.
To have watched her birth and death was like looking at lightning.
Her lifetime was a spectacular flash of light in the darkened sky.
Brief but memorable.   Her life . . . our lives
Rushing by like a torrent down a steep mountain.

Why grieve the brevity of the fireworks, that she was ?
Bursting, suddenly on the scene with the report of a canon !
Her life, sudden sprinkles glittering in the celebratory sky.
And the sudden BANG ! and multi-coloured sparkles drifted downward.
She was gone.  Her life . . . our lives
Like an evenings fireworks, spectacular and all too soon done.

So on the solace of a winter eve, staring at a darkened sky,
The sudden impact of our lives illuminated and so quickly gone.
Winter winds whisper her name and legacy, in eulogy of bonded kinship !
A starry vigil;
Twinkling souls with primal thoughts of  beauty and of brevity.
We are gone.  Her life . . . our lives
Mistaken estimates of our existence, by length rather than intensity !

Originally penned for a  Dear Friend's lost Staffordshire Terrier "Lottie"


Richard Stopps