Dog   Tales

Elegy  for  Eva  Harkness

Down the Church Road in old Portadown
Near the boundary fence they will go
There lay her to be; one with the ground,
Her smile & cheeks no longer aglow.

Ashes to ashes; the funeral sounds,
Devoid of any sense, to a friend ?
Blinking back tears as they gather around
They wondered if this was indeed her own end ?

Here lies a friend of high degree.
Whose council was sound and oft brief.
A joy to us both, beyond Irish Seas.
Death has taken her, leaving just grief.

We did not see her fire decline
Till she lay so still, & so cold,
Regretting now the letter delayed
And missing her canine advice, oh so bold.

Lie peacefully, (Dear Friend) by the boundary fence,
Between life and the place we will meet
Lie peacefully there (head in his lap)
(In heaven), at peace at God's feet.

Dear Lady, long remembered you'll be
In flowers and lace, & good thought,
In love and honour we bid you God speed
As we love the Mandingo dog, we had bought !

(For the friend who trusted us with our 'Rory')


Richard Stopps