Dog   Tales

Scent of Dogs & Scent of Man

Have you ever walked far with a wet dog ?
Known the strong smell of his musk and mire ?
Have you wondered if your dog could sense,
Could he ever know, your fervent heart's desire ?

Have you ever lost a beloved weanling child ?
Known the smell of that sweet baby by the vest ?
Held a favourite sweater from drawer to nose,
Hoping for fleeting memories of the blessed ?

Have you ever known your Mum's perfume ?
Or your Dad, from a favored aftershave cologne ?
Shocked by the memory in keen scent given,
Family memories retrieved by pungent scent alone ?

Have you ever walked far in woodland rows ?
Known the smell of a canine friend (now departed) ?
Have you caught yourself looking ever fleeting,
For their ghost in your mind's eye , etched & charted ?

Have you ever longed for true love unbroken ?
Love that none in space nor time could ever sheer ?
Then you sniffed the faint memories renewed,
Reunited with those spirits, comfort without a fear ?

Have you wondered what heaven smells like ?
Then close your eyes on this earth; breathe deep !
And as you course the lonely path before you
Your wet dog is there, waiting at your feet !


Richard Stopps