In  Loving  Memory
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" We cannot lose the things we love;
For those that we truly cared about,
become ...  a part of us ".

Helen Keller (1880-1968)

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" How small a part of time they share
   That are so wondrous sweet and fair! "

Edmund Waller. (1605-1687)

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"We thinks, admitted to that equal sky,
  Our faithful dog shall bear us company"

Alexander Pope (16881744)

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    Here lies a Dog.
  May every Dog that dies 
Lie in security.
As this Dog lies.

Joseph Hilaire Pierre Belloc

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"If there is a heaven, it is certain 
 our dogs are to be there." 

 "Their lives become so interwoven
 with our own, it would take more 
 than an Archangel to 
 disentangle them."

P. Brown 

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